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Photo courtesy of Taylor Rigs

During the manufacture of each Pemco mast, continual inspections occur. Click here to view Pemco derrick requirements.

Derrick Model:

Click on any of the following derrick models to view specifications


45-30-S 50-25-C 50-50-C
55-50-S 56-100-S 60-50-C
60-100-C 69-100-C 69-150-S
71-150-C 71-180-C 88-150-C
96-150-C 96-170-C 96-180-C
96-205-C 96-250-C 104-225-C
112-265-C 112-300-C 112-350-C
114-350-C 120-350-C 120-400-C