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Model 69-150-S Pemco Derrick

HEIGHT: 69 feet clear height, single tubing, double rods
RATING: Maximum rated static hook load
  150,000 pounds with 4 lines strung
COLUMN LEGS: 2" x 6" x 3/16" wall Hi-tensile tubing
BRACES:   1 1/2" x 3" x 1/8" wall Hi-tensile tubing
BASE SECTION:  4-leg model (2 legs to ground, 2 legs to rear of rig)
  Turnbuckle tilting with 3" screw in legs to ground
TUBING BOARD:  Capacity 12,000 feet of 2" tubing         
  Fingers for end racking and adjustable for any size tubing
  Mounts at 26 feet above ground level with "V" door on both sides
ROD BOARD: 2 - No. 104 rod hangers with combined capacity of 208 stands of 3/4" rods with adapter sleeves
  furnished will handle 5/8" , 3/4", 7/8" and 1" sucker rods
  Includes rodman basket, air cylinder transfer system and safety sub-elevators
  Rod board goes into position when activated by hydraulic cylinder. Controls and wire rope system for raising and lowering tubing board and rod board are furnished.
  Mounted at 53 feet for doubles rods
HYDRAULICS:  Raising cylinder - chrome plated
  Controls Valves for raising derrick and positioning rod and tubing board
  Operates off rig hydraulic system
  Positioning cylinder - rod board and tubing board
CROWN:    For 4 line string up of conventional block flat with derrick
  4 - 24" Timken bearing sheaves - hardened grooves
  2 - 24" Single sheaves in line
  1 - 24" Single sheave cross-mounted
  1 - 24" Sandline sheave
  2 - Catline sheaves
DERRICK LOCKS: Top section of derrick locks to bottom section when four load pins extend activated by two springs.  Load pins are released manually with lever at operator's position when telescoping up or down
WIRE ROPE:     2 - Load guys with tail chain and tightening binder
PRIMER COAT:     Briner Inorganic Zinc.
TOP COAT:    Dupont Imron or PPG Del Fleet
WEIGHT:    10,000# est.