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Derrick Requirements


Specifications set forth by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) are utilized as a minimum.


Specifications set forth by the American Welding Society (AWS) D1.1. are utilized.


Specifications set forth by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) are utilized.


During the manufacture of each Pemco mast, continual inspections occur.  Each inspection is performed by a minimum of four of the following:

Engineering Department Quality Control Inspector
Sales Independent Inspector
Fabrication Foreman Plant Supervisor
Paint Shop Foreman  



Mast Record Sheets
Correct production drawings
  Correct grade, quality of material
  Record mill test reports & heat numbers of material
Mast Shop Check List
  Check dimensions per drawings
  Square is 90° & Straight is 1/8” over 100 feet
  Saw cut material, 90% of the mast is assembled with saw cut material to assure proper fit
  Gauge of each section
Mast Check List
  Items as per Record Sheet
  Hydraulic System
  Latch Mechanism
  Stabilizer – Scope Cylinder
  Tubing Board
  Rod Board
  Crown – Sheaves
Independent Inspection
  X-Ray – ASME VIII main leg splices
  Magnetic Particle Inspection
Paint Work
  All pieces are sand blasted to SP-10
  All pieces are primed with a zinc rich epoxy – ester primer (standard) or as specified by customer
  All pieces are top coated with Dupont Imron, PPG Del Fleet or as specified by customer
  Inspection of each coating is performed via mill gauge and visual
Final Assembly
  All components are assembled
  All bearings and friction areas greased
  Wire rope installed (Bridon American)
  Paint touch up
  Check list performed
  File kept per serial number
  Customer and Purchase Order
  Mast Record Sheet
  Independent Inspections
  Materials Record
  List of Workmen
  Notes  (Order & Fabrication Changes, Shipping)
  Installation item list
  Photographic Record
Material Storage
  All materials are stored indoors